Sunday, May 2, 2021

 Evacuating Before the California Mega Quake

without uprooting your life

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Bill Weather

I realize for Californians or anyone for that matter that it is hard, very hard to just uproot one’s life to escape the tragedy coming. For this reason, I am attempting to write some ideas to think about on how one can be ready to escape California without uprooting their life so suddenly, yet be ready for when it hits. This is to cater to the unbelief of those involved because I understand, you haven't heard from God like I have on this or have a track record of prophecy like I have (, so this is to help you with plan B, for in your mind, the “just in case scenario.”

There are options to think of. For one, if you are on higher ground away from the coast, you could just simply wait for the tsunami in September as confirmation on the mega quake coming in October. In that scenario, you would have a list of items and things to pack up and leave with. Take an evening and write down everything you would take with you and fit in your vehicle. Leave behind big items such as furniture and TVs, but pack your laptops, jewelry, gold, silver, tools, inverter, camping gear and other smaller items you want to save and use.

After the tsunami, you would also think of transferring your money to a bank that can have on record, your savings, unlike a small local California bank. You would want a national bank or out of state bank, because local small banks in California will go belly up and some will be destroyed in the mega quake. Also print out hard records of your savings as well, since internet servers will be damaged or destroyed in the mega quake as well. Keep some cash with you.

If you’re near the coast and you think tsunami would put you in danger, you could decide to simply plan a vacation the first 2 weeks of September, when the tsunami is expected. You’re gonna vacation. Might as well do it the first two weeks of September anyway, since California at that time, gets those very hot easterly fire causing desert winds at that time of year. Take a trip to Utah or a near by state for a cool refreshing retreat and recharge. If nothing should happen, no problamo. You simply took a vacation. Also, grab all small high dollar items and take them with you.

If you have camping gear, that would help a lot to meet needs because when this hits, you wont be able to get back into many areas too soon, so consider a plan to camp out or be with out of state friends if you have them.

If you don’t know anyone from out of state, you could find stability from the shock and awe of being suddenly uprooted, in good local churches who care for people. There are some really good caring churches out there who are people focused.

You could also google “woofers” and find a stable place to stay in exchange for doing some farming. There are some woofer places who treat people like labor, but there are others on smaller farms and individuals who would really care about your situation and don’t make visiting woofers labor so hard.

The key to your mental stability is to find a stable place and get familiar with your surroundings. If you escape, your home is probably going to be destroyed in the mega quake and your biggest need will be to find that place where you can find peace with good people and a shoulder to cry on; people who really care. They are out there, so don’t be too discouraged, knowing God does care and he has a much better life for you and I at the resurrection. Surround yourself with a good environment and good people that want to help. Believe me, when they plaster the mega quake destruction all over the TV, there are a people out there who will rise up and help each other.

If you’re planning to move anyway, best to do it ASAP, so you have time to sell your home and get out of there. Settle in another state away from the mess that’s coming to California. It will no longer be a place anyone wants to go to when this is through. The destruction is prophesied to be that great.

I hope these ideas help you to make good decisions and I hope you can at least make that plan B for the “just in case this crazy guy is right,” scenario. The signs at are super strong; too strong to ignore completely, but here’s my main point. You don’t have to believe fully or make too radical of a move. Simply follow those soft steps to vacation at the right time, pack your vehicle with camping gear and take those small high dollar items you own. That’s just wisdom calling. I hope you yield to her cry to be prepared. God bless you with all wisdom in preparing.